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Bst signs collaboration agreement with the international companies DP-CleanTech.

Aggiornamento: 4 ago 2019

At the end of May, global renewable energy and environmental services company DP CleanTech Group and Italian company Bst srl formally signed a collaboration agreement to introduce Bst’s Anaerobic Digestion technology for agricultural waste to Asia, with immediate effect.

DP’s leading biomass to energy expertise has been the platform for the further expansion of the technology portfolio to now include a broad range of proprietary technologies for waste processing, treatment, and the conversion of multiple feedstock types to energy.

With over a decade of operation and experience in Europe, Bst srl offers specific expertise and technology in the design, construction and management of stainless steel anaerobic digestion systems for agricultural waste. Bst has completed over 40 plants, ranging in size from 50KWe up to over 1MWe for biogas and biomethane equivalents. Bst also offers a wide range of products and services for cogeneration / trigeneration, animal welfare and nitrogen abatement.

DP’s CEO Simon Parker elaborated on the agreement saying “Our emerging market strategy has identified growing opportunities that focus specifically on agricultural waste. In these markets, we already have a significant presence in the biomass and MSW sectors, and we have spent some time evaluating the right partner for DP, in terms of technology, scale and expertise. We are delighted to have reached an agreement with Bst to bring their specific knowhow and proven reliable technologies for agricultural waste to Asia. We see our strengths and our company values as highly complementary and beneficial for potential clients.”

Bst srl CEO Luigi Monfardini echoed these sentiments, “We see the partnership with DP as a very positive move for our company and I am confident that with our combined resources we can be highly competitive in new markets such as Asia. DP’s global experience, footprint and execution capabilities are a powerful advantage for Bst, and we look forward to working together, sharing and exchanging valuable knowledge to advance the use of agricultural waste worldwide”.

About DP Group

Founded in 2004, DP CleanTech Group is a leading renewable and environmental management company which designs, engineers, manufactures, project-manages and commissions biomass, waste-to-energy and waste management projects. Our focus is the efficient and environmentally responsible transformation of all types of waste - agricultural, forestry, industrial, household or landfill - into a productive resource, using the most advanced technologies available. Our excellent reputation has been built on proven, reliable technology and world class execution - which has been demonstrated in over 300 projects around the world. DP’s core waste and environmental management technologies originated in Europe, and these have been successfully adapted to meet the requirements in many different markets. Significant DP operations in Europe and Asia - including manufacturing, engineering, R&D and design – support our global growth strategy. DP Group currently has over 200 employees located in 10 offices in 8 countries.

About Bst srl

Bst srl is based in Lombardia, Italy and has been specializing for over 10 years in the design, construction and management of stainless steel anaerobic digestion systems on a customized and turnkey basis. Bst also offers products and services for cogeneration / trigeneration, animal welfare and nitrogen abatement and its solutions have been used in over 40 projects. Bst has invested heavily in R&D and continuous improvement programs for its solutions; and in the ongoing training and development of employees in order to maintain high and consistent levels of quality and customer satisfaction.

Bst has main Office in Montirone (BS) we are operating since 2005 during years has changed status into Srl company, then in 2012 becoming a fully green energy company. Our staff is composed of 15 employees and other 10 in outsourcing.

We have our Architectural Manager and our engineering Managers, we do projects from authorization to final realization , landscaping and Rural Design.

We serve our clients in the most professional way offering a maintenance service 24H. We resolve biologic Digestor problem and remotely we can control all our plants on gas production and all sensors.

Biogas and Biomethane is our core business and we are very much focused in that . We won an Innovation Awards last year into A/Cs system for caw stall using heat from the Biogas plant

We participate to Cremona and Verona Exhibitions. We do consulting for farmers and local authorities for agricultural issues and technology

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