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Who we are

With over 10 years of experience and over 30 plants built , Bst is the leading company in the design, construction and managment of anaerobic digestion systems in stainless steel.

Our team of highly qualified experts scrupulously follows the various phases for the creation of the work, providing to the costumer an unique, performing and reliable systems

We pay particular attention to our customers, proposing "customized" and "turnkey" solutions, with powers starting from 50 kWel to over 1 MWel for biogas and equivalents for biomethane, as well as a wide range of products and services for animal welfare, nitrogen abatement and cogeneration / trigeneration.



Bst has set itself, since its foundation, to guarantee maximum costumer's satisfaction, through constant investment in Research & Development and Training of Personnel, to guarantee solutions that are always at the top of performance.


Bst is a company in continuos growth that wants to be a protagonist in the decarbonization process taking place at global level; to do so, not only will it continue to invest in Technology and Personnel to mantain an excellent production and quality standards, but will strive to educate and promote the culture of an increasingly respectful Earth society.




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