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Normally, in a thermoelctric power plant, only about 40% of the fuel is converted into electricity, the remaining part, of 60%, is not used and ends up dispersing into the environment in the form of heat,or thermal energy.

Why not recover it then? This is the basic principle of cogeneration:with only one plant it has the double production of energy, based on the reuse of one of the two parts, otherwise wasted.

Cogeneration is carried out in particular thermoelectric power plants, where hot water or process steam is recovered, produced by a prime mover powered by both a fossil fuel (natural gas, fuel oil) and non-fossil organic fuels (biomass, biogas,synthesis gas). In this case, considerable energy savings are achieved compared to the separate production of electricity and thermal energy.


Bst is the official and exclusive importer for Italy  of the Elektro Hagl cogeneration groups, a german company with over 20 years of experience in the preparation of cogeneration groups with high efficiency and excellent quality standards; we offer a range of cogenerators from 50 kWel to 500 kWel, tailored to the needs of our costumers.



Trigeneration can be defined synthetically as an extension of cogeneration. The latter is the combined production of electricity and heat starting from the same primary energy, usaually a fuel (which can be of fossil origin but also come from biomass and waste).

In trigenaration, the production of electricity and heat is added to the production of air and cold water;more technically, the useful thermal energy is partly used to produce chilled water for air conditioning or industrial processes, through absorption refrigerators.

By combining a cogenerator with special absorption refrigerators, which are able to generate cool energy using heat as a source, rather then electricity, it is possible  to expolit the cogeneration plants even in the warm months in which instead the demand for air conditioning is very high, or in the sectors industrial where cooling systems are needed.

Application of trigeneration:

  • Food industry

  • Wine cellar

  • Slaughterhouse

  • Hospital

  • University, College or school

  • Sports center

  • House and office

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