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What is Biogas?

Il Biogas is a heterogeneus mixture of gas deriving from the anaerobic fermentation process of organic compounds, mostrly composed of methane (CH4) and the remainder from carbon dioxide and other gases; this mixture is used as fuel by a cogeneration group for the production of eletricity and thermal energy continuosly.

Why do we need Biogas?

For several years, more and more farms, agricultural cooperatives, food industry and waste treatments companies have chosen anaerobic digestion as a key to the success of the corporate  circular economy, generating high economic profitability and green energy from organic waste and by-products,contributing to the drastic reduction inemissions of CO2 and to the preservation and increase of  soil fertility, because the digestate living the plants is odorless, free of bacterial charges and rich in micronutrient elements and ammoniacal nitrogen, therefore optimal organic fertilizer  for organic farming and soil menagment techniques both no tillage / minimum tillage.

Why Bst?

Bst is the leader in the construction of biogas cogeneration plants in stainless steel, from 50 kWel to over 1 MWel, following step by step all the stages of the pant, from the designing to drwaing and installation, following with all maintenace support in all spects.

We supply "turnkey" plants giving our best know-how and support to our clients, drwaing a suitable project and all its aspect from logistic to lanscaping and offering the best final solution.

We believe it is essential ,to provide to our client, the best offer meets his requirments.
Therefore we pay particular attention to the meetings, expecially the initial ones, with the client and his managers, planning the installation in order to offer a customized and advantageous solution!
Our team of experienced designers will take care of designing the costumer's installation size using the most advanced technologies available.
Furthermore, our team of expert technicians will expect to take care of the bureaucratic part without worrying about the costumer!



The main processing phases are grouped toghether in the following macro-areas:

- any consolidation work on the earth;

- excavation works for pipes;

- building works for storerooms;

- structural works (digestor);

- hydraulic works;

- electrical works;

- testing.

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